Our Story

From Then to Now.

From our early days as entrepreneurs – in our basement with our dog Magnum – we have focused on being more than just a company that puts people on projects.

We are a consulting firm that provides significant executive attention, applies methods and innovations, and achieves long-term collaborative partnerships with our clients. We have accomplished this despite a difficult market, obstacles with the Government, and a changing generation that has new demands from their workplace. While we have made a few mistakes along the way, we have turned them into lessons and leading practices so that we can continually repeat success with our clients.

Over 14 years, our company has created and evolved a bold strategy to benefit our clients and our employees. Each year, we refine and re-define our strategy to stay ahead of our competition.

In 2017, we launched our Strategy Innovation Lab (SILab) to provide our employees and clients with a space to incubate new ideas and innovations. In 2018, the company launched ArcTank, an internal innovation process that allows our employees to suggest strategic ideas and take the lead on implementing them to achieve company goals. The CEO Report has recognized these efforts, as the Report recently awarded our President and Chief Technology Officer, Rob O’Keefe, with the 2018 Innovators and Entrepreneurs Award.

Our hard work and continued focus on continuous improvement develops a strong, helping culture that emphasizes trust, gratitude, sharing knowledge, passion, and humility. Our consultants are creative, disciplined, and flexible and our culture reinforces these qualities. We involve employees at all levels in company work, and we provide opportunities for executive feedback throughout the employee experience. Employees and the relationships they build are the driving force behind some of our greatest successes.


Organization and Accomplishments

Clients and Community


Arc Aspicio launched Strategy 2022 planning


Won Smart CEO Future 50 Award


Won Inc Magazine Fastest Growing Company list for 8th year


Won FEMA Quantitative Analysis and Evaluation Support BPA

Awarded FEMA Strategic Planning and Business Process Improvement BPA


Won ICE BAPSLE contract


Won 50th contract with DHS


Lynn Ann Casey Appears on NPR to Discuss Hiring in a Difficult Environment

Awarded FEMA PAMSS Contract Vehicle

Won HRLA Award for social responsibility


Opened office at 1725 I Street


Project: MyTSA Mobile App Launch


Launched partnership with National Disaster Search Dog Foundation

Projects: TSA.gov and TSA Secure Flight


Won first Prime Contract with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Founded Homeland Security Group on LinkedIn

Sponsored thought leadership series on immigration

First Project with Department of Homeland Security (DHS)


Won US Chamber of Commerce Small Business Blue Ribbon in 2007 and for the next six years

Awarded GSA MOBIS/Professional Services Schedule now known as PSS 00CORP


Won Helios HR Apollo Award

Project: Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

Project: Department of Education Federal Student Aid


Launched Homeland Security Newsletter


Worked on United Kingdom’s eBorders Program

Arc Aspicio Founded