Recruiting Process

"We're looking for great people who are both a skill fit and cultural fit for our company." —Jackie Meredith, Talent and Operations Manager


Arc Aspicio has designed a high-touch recruiting process powered by Jobvite, a leading-edge technology, which starts from the moment a candidate applies. Through Jobvite, candidates can easily submit a resume and cover letter, sign up for job notifications, and check on the status of an application.

Once in the process, qualified candidates have a series of discussions and interviews with different Arc Aspicio employees to provide maximum exposure to the company. Potential employees must be both a skill fit and cultural fit for Arc Aspicio to truly thrive.

A key component of our process is a rigorous matching system to identify potential projects for candidates - including the opportunity to speak directly with project managers. When it comes time to make an offer, candidates and Arc Aspicio have confidence that the right talent will join the company for a successful, lasting career.

Qualified candidates are invited to apply for open positions. Candidates must submit a brief, tailored cover letter to explain their interest in homeland security and their qualifications for the specific position. Arc Aspicio will evaluate candidates against all available positions.

U. S. citizenship and a bachelor’s degree are required for almost all positions.

Arc Aspicio is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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Available Positions

We are always recruiting great people. We regularly evaluate qualified candidates for positions across the company and in our pipeline of upcoming opportunities. 

Career Model

To support the development of long, successful careers at Arc Aspicio, we offer flexible career options that benefit the changing needs and interests of our employees. Our career model features two tracks - Consulting and Specialty.

Employee Benefits

Our goal is to attract and retain the best people, so we make intelligent investments to provide our employees a flexible and stimulating workplace.

Peer Groups

Peer Groups are the cornerstone of our professional development program and are a great opportunity for employees to build important professional skills.

Internship Program

Interested in mission-critical consulting? Excited to learn about all aspects of running a business? If so, Arc Aspicio’s internship program could be a great fit for you.