Integrating innovative solutions into the client's organization

New missions. New threats. Workforce challenges. Policy adjustments. These require focused, disciplined integration and change management techniques and plans to deliver mission results in a complex environment with many moving pieces.

Complex missions require comprehensive integration plans, a focus on integration, the ability to predict problems and mitigate risks, and, most of all, the ability to communicate with stakeholders and employees along the way to make change successful.

Our integration services bring the power of modernization planning, stakeholder engagement, technology revolution, innovation, privacy, and security management to action on our client’s most critical, high profile programs.

We work in close partnership with our clients, behind the scenes, to make them successful on the most difficult projects while faced with demanding schedules, stakeholders, and oversight organizations.

Integration Services

  • Modernization and IT Infrastructure Roadmaps
  • Implementation Planning and Execution
  • Cross-Agency Integration and Whole of Government
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Intelligence Analysis
  • Technology Testing and Integration
  • Emerging Technology Assessment
  • Cloud Strategy
  • Privacy, Policy, and Security


Dana Asper | Consultant + Designer + Developer | Dana obsesses on all the little things that create an experience. She tweaks, refines, perfects.


Articulating vision and direction and developing plans to improve capabilities and reach mission goals.


Creating Innovative solutions, using Design thinking to focus on customers


Applying technology to enhance mission effectiveness, customer experience, and process efficiency.


Providing management service to achieve milestones, improve transparency, and align investments to program goals