Articulating vision and direction and developing actionable plans to improve capabilities and reach mission goals

Today’s Federal executives face unprecedented challenges in creating their visions and planning and implementing solutions to achieve their missions. They need focused, tangible, and implementable strategies that reflect the most pressing mission needs and enable desired outcomes.

Arc Aspicio provides strategy consulting services that quickly identify solutions and facilitate decision-making in highly visible, complex situations at the core of an agency’s mission. We help Federal leaders make transformational decisions guided by rigorous analysis, relevant facts, and strategies that define paths that cut through ambiguity and present clear and implementable solutions.


Our proprietary Strategy Innovation Lab (SILab) accelerates our strategy consulting services. Our SILab is a knowledge hub that provokes collaboration and offers methods, tools, thought leadership, events, event space, and other resources to help clients as we apply our design-based approach.

Strategy Services

  • Strategic Planning and Management
  • Human Capital Strategy
  • Strategic Foresight
  • Performance Management Strategy
  • Stakeholder Engagement Strategy
  • Governance and Decision-Making Strategy
  • Operating Model Development
  • Organization Design
  • Technology Strategy


Dana Asper | Consultant + Designer + Developer | Dana obsesses on all the little things that create an experience. She tweaks, refines, perfects.


Articulating vision and direction and developing plans to improve capabilities and reach mission goals.


Creating Innovative solutions, using Design thinking to focus on customers


Applying technology to enhance mission effectiveness, customer experience, and process efficiency.


Providing management service to achieve milestones, improve transparency, and align investments to program goals