Giving Back

Arc Aspicio employees internalize and live the mission of fortifying our nation - and that doesn't stop at the end of the workday. We invest our time, our money, and ourselves into our communities.


Building Stronger Communities

Stronger communities create a strong nation and a more secure world. Our Community Involvement initiative is a focal point for our collective efforts and represents only a fraction of the good that our people do on a day-to-day basis. At their core, good consultants are first and foremost good citizens.

Dogs Rule

As part of our philanthropic efforts, our employees selected The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (SDF) as our top non-profit organization. 
Learn more about our work with SDF.


Community involvement has always been a part of our culture. 

As our company grows, so does our presence in the community.

Not only does our contribution benefit the community in which we work and live, community involvement gives us an opportunity to grow our network and visibility within the homeland security and Washington, DC communities.

Arc Aspicio is proud to support the homeland security and Washington, DC communities through such programs as: the Annual Wreath Laying at Arlington Cemetery, food and goods drives for the DC Central Kitchen, the Girl Scouts Emergency Preparedness Patch Program, and the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (SDF). As part of our philanthropy efforts, our employees selected SDF as our top non-profit organization. We selected SDF because of our love of dogs and the organization's mission of training search and rescue dogs aligns with our homeland security focus. To learn more about SDF, please visit

Most recently, Arc Aspicio worked with the Information Technology Disaster Resource Center (ITDRC), a volunteer organization that supports disaster-stricken communities by providing critical IT services in the aftermath of catastrophic events.

ITDRC’s important mission is to help communities reestablish access to communication as quickly as possible, allowing them to receive life-saving support and return to normalcy. Arc Aspicio helped ITDRC structure its Tech Task Force, a private sector disaster response team that contributes employee volunteers, products, services, logistics, and monetary support. We worked closely with ITDRC leadership to develop requirements and build the structure for a quickly growing program.

Arc Aspicio encourages our employees to make use of 8 hours of additional Paid Time Off to be used for independent volunteer activities, as well as $250 each year towards the purchase of emergency preparedness supplies. We are also dedicated to environmental and social responsibility. Our policies reflect our goals to increase energy conservation and decrease waste. We are consistently working to model positive practices for our community.