Methods and Accelerators

Arc Aspicio is a homeland security company that focuses on Speed to Mission - an approach that combines our people, culture, mission knowledge, and innovative methods and accelerators to rapidly achieve results.

Agencies with big missions – like homeland security and intelligence – recognize that a strong future vision, achieved through multiple, incremental projects are lower risk, more cost effective, and drive measurable change more quickly. Agencies are doing smaller, more focused projects on cross-agency information sharing. They are standing up new enterprise-wide analytics capabilities, using agile approaches to develop new systems, and undertaking mission-specific projects to combat human trafficking and mitigate flood risk.

With the risks of large projects in mind and a keen eye on new ways to address stagnant budgets, Arc Aspicio strategically recognizes that achieving success requires 1) proven methods, 2) innovation tools, and 3) project accelerators to achieve mission results. This applies to ongoing projects that need ‘new life’ or for new projects that tackle emerging mission challenges.

Arc Aspicio methods include repeatable processes, techniques, tools, templates, and checklists that are unique to our company.  We have built them over nearly 100 external and internal projects. They help us repeat and accelerate success on our client projects.

Arc Aspicio’s interconnected methods address mission, stakeholder, management, and technical challenges with a focus on Mission First. Our framework allows us to easily customize our approach to client’s unique needs, risks, and priorities. 

Our Methods use an interchangeable set of Accelerators. These are tools, templates, and techniques that provide a quick start on projects to help us achieve “Speed to Mission” results for our clients on projects.

Arc Aspicio has more than 25 documented and reusable methods and accelerators, supported by more than 100 templates, checklists, and tools.  Examples or our accelerators include:

  • Quick Win Accelerator
  • Mission Needs Assessment
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Innovation Workshops
  • Quick Risk Reduction
  • Metrics and Performance Management

Our methods and accelerators lower project risk and promote learning, sharing, and improvement across an organization. We collaborate with clients, inject our Innovation Tools (I-TOOLS), bring homeland security professionals with a passion for the mission, and focus on mission success. It’s the way we know to earn trust with each of our clients. Our methods build on one another to achieve success and provide a framework that is repeatable and adjustable to client’s needs, risks, and priorities.