Problems We Solve

Our teams create integrated strategies and help implement solutions.
Here are common problems we solve for our clients.


“We need to articulate our vision, but don’t have the time.”


Sharing your vision with your stakeholders and employees is important, but it often takes a backseat to your daily work. We help you clarify your vision in a compelling way, using stories to help everyone understand. Then, we help you to communicate it effectively, so you can focus on your mission priorities.


“We need a strategy for…”

Sometimes spearheading an issue requires a strategic plan that sets a course to inspire your workforce and achieve bold objectives— even moonshots—for your organization. Our team pairs innovation with time-tested techniques to create and implement strategies that address your priorities for the mission and organization with constraints in mind.                                                

“We are drowning in data and don’t know where to start.”

Our experienced data analysts work with your organization to wrangle, analyze, and visualize your data within a mission context. We teach you how to move forward with an analytics program to help your leaders make data-driven decisions and to help your employees wrangle data sources. We also provide expertise on data policy that can help streamline future modernization initiatives.

“Our organization does not communicate well.”

Organizational complexity can often stifle communication. To foster better collaboration among employees, we help develop internal or external communication plans that open lines of communication and define clear channels. We help tactically execute communications through clear brands and messages, sustain regular communications through multiple channels, seek feedback from employees on how to improve communication, and review results for future changes.

“Our workforce isn’t very engaged with our organization.”

Getting your employees involved creates a close-knit community, fosters teamwork, and ultimately strengthens your organization. We develop workforce strategy and conduct workforce projects that inspire collaboration, support mentoring, develop leaders, and provide opportunities for employees to apply their strengths.

“We have so many priorities that our people don’t know where to start.”

Legislation, Administration priorities, existing regulations, and changing customer expectations cause significant conflict and confusion over what to do and in what order to do it. We help prioritize initiatives against strategic or operational plans, so your organization moves together in one direction, with a clear understanding of the goals and the roadmap to get there.

“Our processes are stalled, broken, or out-of-date.”

Our teams help improve and measure processes and identify new ways to automate them. We often use design thinking and other innovative techniques to re-think processes with the customer’s perspective and mission goals in mind. We help deploy new processes through documentation, training, and communications – measuring results of the new processes after implementation.

“Our Strategic Plan is done but we can’t seem to get traction implementing it.”

So many strategic plans stay on the shelf. Agencies sometimes get as far as communicating the plan and starting some initiatives, but sustained focus on implementation is a challenge. Our teams help define simple governance structures, assign owners, track initiatives in a master plan, report status and metrics, and highlight to leaders how to adjust plans to achieve the objectives.

“We want to provide mentoring opportunities, but we have a limited training budget.”

Professional development opportunities are often the victim of budget cuts. But developing people doesn’t always have to be expensive. Creating inexpensive ways of developing people, promoting mentoring and career support, and developing leadership skills can help foster a team environment and develop people despite constraints.

“We can’t get these agencies to come to consensus on how to solve this problem.”

Competing priorities can create a barrier in solving key issues within your organization. We bring proven strategies that encourage communication and empathy within your workforce and your leaders to bridge gaps and work towards effective decision-making.

“We need to make it easier for our customer to work with us.”

Enhancing the customer experience can be a difficult endeavor amid budget constraints, poor legacy systems, and at the pace customers expect. We offer human-centered design services that help creatively tackle your customer challenges, putting your customer’s journey at the forefront. Design projects can be separate projects or part of a larger modernization initiative.

“We need to start a program office to support the mission in the new legislation.”

New legislation brings new missions, challenges, and typically aggressive deadlines for implementation. We can help stand up a successful organization to manage a portfolio of project initiatives and a dashboard to monitor performance for leaders.