Lynn Ann Casey

Lynn Ann Casey

Chief Executive Officer
Innovator and Thought Leader

“Our success is all about talent – experienced people with a passion for innovation in the Government and the leadership skills to get things done for our clients. Our team takes action and gets results.”


Lynn Ann Casey is an entrepreneur and innovator with a 29-year career driving innovation for government agencies at the state, local, Federal, and international level. In 2004, she founded Arc Aspicio – an innovative strategy, management, and technology consulting company focused on finding innovative solutions to complex challenges. As the architect for Arc Aspicio’s Strategy 2022, she now leads efforts to address challenges in other mission areas, including in law enforcement and justice and for non-profit, mission-based organizations.

Lynn Ann has worked on more than 100 projects in all consulting disciplines. As founder of the company, she has created a place where talented, experienced consultants create innovative ways to solve clients’ most difficult challenges, providing services in management, strategy, technology, human capital, data analytics and visualization, operations, and integration.  

Lynn Ann has received multiple leadership awards and recognition in the homeland security and professional services community. She dedicates her spare time to non-profit service for the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, Harvard Business School, and on the Board of the Professional Services Council.


  • B.A., English, Fairfield University

  • Owner/President Management (OPM) Program, Harvard Business School (HBS)

Areas of Expertise

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Strategic Planning

  • Strategic Communications

  • Information Sharing

  • Cross-agency Integration

  • International Cooperation

Areas of Interest

  • Border Management and Immigration

  • Emergency Management

  • Law Enforcement

  • Transportation Security


Lynn Ann Casey |

Global thought leader and Founder and CEO of Arc Aspicio, Lynn Ann Casey brings unique passion and insight to Government’s toughest challenges including in homeland security, border and transportation security, emergency management, and law enforcement. She is committed to partnering with governments worldwide to think differently, act strategically, innovate and explore, and deliver mission results in partnership with their employees and stakeholders.