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Think Twice Before Immigrating to Italy

A hot topic in the United States and in many European countries this year, immigration debates intensified in Italy’s Parliament due to the increased number of immigrants flooding Italy’s borders. Why such a big debate? Italy’s immigration policy is not well defined, relatively new, and full of contradictions. 

Stealing Culture to Support Terrorism

We’ve all read the headlines. Someone’s arrested for attempting to sell ancient coins, a thousand year-old sword, or a piece of pottery made by an ancient civilization. It is a form of organized crime few people understand. The stealing of cultural artifacts. Cultural artifacts are defined as anything made by people that provide valuable information about a society’s culture.

Immigration Debate Moves to Alabama

Immigration reform took center stage last year when Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed a bill into law that was considered to be the toughest immigration bill in the nation. This past week, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley signed an immigration enforcement bill into law that many are calling even tougher than Arizona’s.

E-Verify Self Check Launch

In a partnership between the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Social Security Administration (SSA), E-Verify Self Check was launched so that individuals can check their own employment eligibility status before formally seeking employment.