Strategy Innovation Lab (SILab)

The SILab is a knowledge hub that accelerates innovative and sustainable solutions through methods, tools, thought leadership, events, and other resources to help our people, partners, and clients solve complex problems.

Our structured approach applies our design-focused strategy methods to quickly customize a strategy to a client’s core needs and define a roadmap for action. Our well documented methods are critical to addressing management, technical, and stakeholder challenges for our clients. Methods provide our teams with detailed, systematic processes, tools, templates, and techniques that lower risk and promote innovation.

Mission Integration and Thought Leadership

Applies structured methodology that combines mission focus and strategic insights to uncover the root causes of strategic challenges.

Innovation and Design

Uses dynamic techniques incorporating convergent and divergent analyses, stakeholder empathy-building approaches, and iterative design to move from issues to solutions.


The SILab hosted an IdeaJam on Micro Consulting, an innovative way to jump-start new government initiatives. Micro Consulting projects can be purchased for under $10K in Civilian agencies or under $25K in DoD. Learn more about the results of our June 5th event in our blog. 


Please contact to learn more.

Management and Implementation Talent

Enables team experienced in building practical, efficient plans to integrate strategies into mission operations.

Methods and Accelerators

Deploys extensive suite of repeatable methods, accelerators, tools, events, and resources to organize ideas into strategic initiatives that teams can implement with reduced risk.