A Culture of Innovation and Gratitude

Our culture emphasizes putting team, client, and company interest ahead of our own, recognizing our employees’ successes, and showing gratitude for help.

As we continue to grow, we work to maintain our distinctive culture of learning and respect. It helps keep our ‘small company feel’ — even with double-digit growth each year. 

OUr employees live our culture every day.

  • Delighting Clients
  • Earning Trust
  • Recognizing Talent
  • Being Stewards of the Company
  • Learning and Sharing Knowledge Generously
  • Thinking About Others Before Ourselves
  • Being Passionate and Persistent
  • Achieving Results, Every Day
  • Making Success Repeatable
  • Acting Boldly, Being Humble


With proven methods and a strategy and design mindset we accelerate innovation. Our consultants work on complex, mission-critical projects and contribute to our learning culture. 



We are grateful in every aspect of our work — to our employees for a job well done, and for opportunities to serve the mission and our clients. Our leaders encourage a strong, collaborative culture where employees support each other, building closely connected teams that share in success.



We internalize and live the mission of fortifying our nation - and that doesn't stop at the end of the workday. We invest our time, our money, and ourselves into our communities. With our love of dogs and our passion for the mission, we have established a strong partnership with the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation. #welovedogs 


Our Story

From Then to Now.

From our early days as entrepreneurs – in our basement with our dog Magnum – we have focused on being more than just a company that puts people on projects.

We are a consulting firm that provides significant executive attention, applies methods and innovations, and achieves long-term collaborative partnerships with our clients. We have done this despite a difficult market, obstacles from the Government, and a changing generation who has new demands from their workplace. While we have made a few mistakes over the years, we have turned them into lessons and leading practices so that we can continually repeat success with our current and new clients.

Over the course of many years, our company has created and evolved a bold strategy to benefit our clients and our employees. Each year, we refine or re-define our strategy to stay ahead of our competition. We provide exceptional services, grounded in proven methods, to help our clients innovate relentlessly, despite their dynamic and ever-changing complex environments and endless constraints.

We have created a strong, helping culture that emphasizes trust, gratitude, sharing knowledge, passion, and humility. Our consultants are creative, disciplined, and flexible and our culture reinforces this approach. We ask our people to participate in growing a company that they want to be a part of to deliver measurable results for our clients despite many obstacles. We give employees high levels of responsibility early in their careers and provide them with opportunities for growth and development throughout their tenure. We create a culture of learning and employees can seize opportunities to grow with the company. In addition, our employees all have responsibilities in strategy and business development, allowing them to have small impacts on the direction the company is heading. Employees and the relationships they build are the driving force behind some of our greatest successes. We take on hard, mission-critical projects where there are many stakeholders with different priorities and needs, and we flexibly and diligently work with our clients to overcome challenges and achieve measurable results.