Culture and Vision

Our company creates lasting partnerships between our employees and clients to deliver innovative solutions that make our nation more secure and prosperous.

Our vision is to become the nation’s most trusted homeland security consulting company and the company of choice for our clients, people, and partners. To make an impact on our clients’ mission and increase security, we empower each of our employees to build trusted relationships in the homeland security community.

Our company is building a community that promotes collaboration, continuous learning, innovation, and intelligence to improve homeland security. We have established a shared culture where our people know the mission, anticipate needs, innovate solutions, and accelerate results. Our community includes: clients, partner companies, employees, Government agencies, and other organizations that have an interest in solving the most difficult problems in homeland security. With the help of a strong community, we provide mission-critical consulting. This means we choose to work on the most difficult projects in transportation security, border enforcement, immigration, emergency management, and national protection. Our consultants provide high value services in a dynamic environment and also actively participate in company-wide innovation and growth initiatives.

Our employees, clients, and partners value our distinctive culture, a culture of learning and respect. Our employees live our culture and values every day, are focused on homeland security for the long-term, and demonstrate the following behaviors consistently:

  • Delight Clients
  • Earn Trust
  • Recognize Talent
  • Be Stewards of the Company
  • Learn and Share Knowledge Generously
  • Think About Others Before Ourselves
  • Be Passionate and Persistent
  • Achieve Results, Every Day
  • Make Success Repeatable
  • Act Boldly, Be Humble

Creating a community around a shared culture and mission builds a network of corporate and individual relationships before you need them. Before you need to respond to a disaster; before you need to collaborate on a tough project; before you need subject matter expertise to solve a new problem or address an evolving threat.

Security, safety, and resilience depend on a strong community. Solving difficult problems for our clients depends on a strong community.

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In organizations, real power and energy is generated through relationships. The patterns of relationships and capacities to form them are more important than tasks, functions, roles, and positions.
— Margaret Wheatly