Strategy Innovation Lab (SILab)

The SILab is a knowledge hub that accelerates innovative and sustainable solutions through methods, tools, thought leadership, events, and other resources to help our people, partners, and clients solve complex problems.

Our structured approach applies design-focused methods to quickly customize a strategy to a client’s core needs and define a roadmap for action. Our well documented methods are critical to addressing management, technical, and stakeholder challenges for our clients. Methods provide our teams with detailed, systematic processes, tools, templates, and techniques that lower risk and promote innovation. Please contact to learn more.


Innovation is ideas in action. At Arc Aspicio, we embrace taking action. We use our Strategy and Innovation Lab (SILab) to apply innovation methods that combine structured analysis with tools and approaches to stimulate creativity.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a human-centered approach to problem solving. Our project teams observe, collaborate, learn quickly, visualize ideas, and rapidly prototype to create innovate and impactful solutions. Our iterative five-phase approach provides a framework to create and deliver solutions that provide continuous value to the organization, its workforce, and its customers.
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Design+Data is a mindset, an approach, and a set of tools that help teams create solutions, experiment, and discover possibilities. Arc Aspicio’s Design Thinking approach provides the structure and process for applying the Design+Data method to Government clients. Our Design+Data Toolkit provides a suite of tools, activities, processes, and accelerators to address our client’s toughest challenges with a keen focus on data.

Behavioral Science

Behavioral science aims to influence human behavior by recognizing how people make and act on decisions in context and then applying levers to change those behaviors to change outcomes. The scope of Arc Aspicio’s research, adoption, and application of behavioral science is investigating how to apply insights on human behavior to improve our Government client’s mission outcomes.

Innovation Toolkit

Our Innovation Toolkit includes activities, templates, and tools that we tailor to meet our client’s individual needs for each step of the process, such as Innovation Workshops, High Value Sprints, People Analytics, and Data Storytelling.


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